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Quality veterinary care at reasonable rates

Our full veterinary service clinic caters to the needs of your pets. Whether it is emergency medical care or house calls, we are here to assist your needs. Our doctors and staff are experienced and dedicated to providing patient wellness, high ethical value, personal care and client satisfaction in a family environment.

Our areas of services include:

House Call Service

The veterinarian is able to visit your location and treat all animals on spot and will also be able to perform some surgical procedures. This service is handy for multi animal households or to reduce the animals anxiety of travelling in the vehicle to the vet office.

Preventative programs

Protect your pets against pests such as fleas, ticks and heartworms. Stop them from reaching the infestation level with our preventative products. These parasites not only irritate your cat or dog’s skin but spread diseases and cause death. Guard your companion against deadly diseases and ensure their longevity.

Dog Boarding Kennels

We provide pet boarding kennels for a short and long stay. You can count on our pet daycare when you’re away from home. We have a team of qualified & caring veterinarians who are responsible for keeping your pets entertained all day. In our kennels, your animal’s exclusive stay will include food as per their specific diet needs.

Pet Grooming

We give your pet a luxurious bath and blow dry. From ear cleaning & plucking, nail clipping to sanitary trimming, we take care of everything. Our certified pet groomers can also perform brush out and pedicure services. We take pride in our ability to deliver individual care customized to their specific needs. Have your pet tidy and healthy!

Veterinary Dentistry

Our veterinary clinic provides a full range of procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of the oral diseases in your pets. Our vets believe regular dental care applies to people as well as their pets. We are highly trained to give your animal the best treatment and advice to keep the dentistry costs low over the years.

Medical & Surgical Care

The people of Jamaica rely on us for complete medical and surgical care of their pets necessary throughout their lifetime. We treat all types of pets and animals and let them relax in a calm and friendly environment. We maintain quality and safety in all of our products, processes and surgeries. So, bring your pet to our office and let us do what is necessary.

In-House Diagnostic Lab

Our in-house diagnostic laboratory enables us to perform testing to help in the right diagnosis and treatment of your best friend. In some cases, our state-of-the-art equipment aids in diagnosing your pets. Put your trust in us while you hospitalize your pet and we will do our best to treat him/her and come up with positive results.

Spaying & Neutering

Let your female or male pet live a longer and healthier life and allow him/her to be better behaved by spaying or neutering. Prevent cancers of the reproductive tract and the incidence of prostate problems. Take one of the best decisions for your animal’s wellbeing and schedule the procedure to get them spayed or neutered.

Pet Exportation

We acknowledge the depth of love you have for your pet and your need to keep him/her with you wherever you move. When you are ready for relocation, you can count on us for performing blood titer tests, treatments and examinations to prepare your pet to relocate anywhere in the world. Schedule an appointment with us.

Pet Health Consultation

Whether you visit us or call us, we are happy to answer your pet health queries. We aim to provide complete peace of mind to you and review your animal’s medical history, diet, lifestyle, behaviour, blood tests, veterinary records, urinalysis, biopsy results and x-rays. Get your first pet health care consultation today.

Pet Supplies

We do everything for the love of animals, ensuring you have everything you need. We have the right supplies for all kinds of animal’s diet. Our one-stop source has the adequate speciality items you need for your animal. Our aim is to keep bowls full, tummies happy, bodies dancing and minds active.

After Hour Emergency Veterinary Services

Pick Up & Drop Off Service Available

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